Thursday, April 19, 2012


Started playing Dota 2  ^.^

Cost me a few hours of attendance and a full day of college( more to come probably )...buuut
totally worth it.

Words cannot explain how badass this game is.

I dont game much. I'd probably suck balls if you challenged me to a Halo/Cs match right now.
I'm sure your 1337 skeelz are probably very awesome.

And the 100 hours you spent on Skyrim is pretty *cough* impressive *cough*.

Hey..I dont judge.(Or so I say.) Bu-uut this game has got me hooked. The only thing going wrong is this goddamn mouse...whi-iich was not helped by taking it apart to see whether its shunt resistance had a contact problem.

In retrospect, considering the fact that even IF i discovered that it WAS a contact error, I didnt have the tools to repair it...Soooo it was probably a bad idea.

But now i get to pretend that this refractive plastic glass thing is a plane...WHEEEEEE!


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