Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 am post

Okay...So its either my really fucked up sleep cycles or I've managed to resurrect my insomnia.

I think I actually like this time...the 3-4 am time slot...eerily silent and calm. Good internet speeds, no annoying texts, no calls from family,  no existential thoughts, no annoying friends.

If only i could use it for something productive...unlike reddit, SU, and prawns... lol.

I wish i could fucking play music man... play something as batshit insane as  "Coming Back To Life"
Those notes man..Fuck.

If I could explain in words the effect it has on me...Goddammit man.

I've tried covering the song, but it just doesnt...flow. Those notes dont hit, they dont carry the same weight and meaning.

I'mma play that song live one day. Just one of those things I have to do.

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